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Dr. Johnson is a well-known, highly effective psychotherapist, serving individuals and couples in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. With over 35 years of private practice experience and deep concern for others, he is unique in the community of psychotherapists.

Some professional therapists are accomplished as listeners but provide less than successful counseling. Others practice "half-listening" and apply standard protocol of counseling to all their clients. Dr. Johnson is extremely effective in his practice because he first assesses your individual mental state, spiritual beliefs, relationships, and all the things that make you who you are.

He then sets a course of treatment and works closely with you to achieve consistency along the way. The goal is for each of us, individually or in a relationship, to become our own therapist and guide.
Relationship issues: He works with a wide variety of relationship issues. His approach concerning marriage is not "can this relationship be saved" but rather how can these people achieve a "master marriage?"

Addiction Issues: This includes alcohol and drugs addiction, sexual addiction, relationship addiction, and spending addiction.

Anxiety Issues: This includes stress reduction, PTSD, anxiety, and phobia.

Depression Issues: This includes situational, dysthymia, and physically based depression.

Change of Life Issues: This includes geographical change, employment change, and retirement.
Dr. Johnson is here to provide you with a warm, inviting atmosphere and attentive ear. He offers services for individuals and children.
To achieve a "Master Marriage," Dr. Johnson helps pinpoint the areas of struggles that need to be focused on and provides practices of new ways to strengthen the relationship.
No matter what struggle you are facing by yourself, whether it be an addiction, anxiety, regarding a relationship, Dr. Johnson is here to help.
Contact today to set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Johnson. He offers an attentive ear and individual plan as your well-being is his top priority.

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